It gets a little crazy in the world of a deaf shutin and sometimes the irony, not to mention the hypocrisy, is a little much, but I gotta admit that THIS hypocrisy, to paraphrase the famous line from “Tombstone”, is a little more than I can bear.

There is a “Freepathon” going on over at Free Republic right now. Each thread that Mr. Thompson has started for this Freepathon includes statements about FREEDOM OF SPEECH and how your donations insure this on FR. I once believed that was true until…well…until I was completely locked out and could not log in to save my soul and yet, as of today, Free Republic has taken yet another monthly donation from my less than adequate bank account, the second since I was hospitalized, while denying me the right to post even a single word to the site with still no explanation forthcoming.

Mr. Jim is thanking “FReepers and lurkers” but I take exception to being relegated to the status of “lurker” by force and deception because I am NOT a voluntary lurker and I surely do not appreciate being arbitrarily silenced by someone who claims my donation insures my Freedom of Speech when precisely the opposite is happening at this very moment.

Jim controls the horizontal and the vertical and here I am in the outer limits wondering why. Recall that I emailed Jim several times for an explanation and got none, but one of those emails was me groveling and begging along with an apology for whatever I might have done to cause him to believe I deserved this purgatory.

This is an out and out shunning the likes of which I have never seen and never expected. There is not a single Freeper who ever asked me for help who was refused and I did my very best to be the best Freeper I could be every single day. Do I really deserve this?

Evidently, Mr. Jim believes I do and I am still waiting to find out why. I so miss you guys and this hurts in ways I can’t even begin to describe.

Some say that silence is golden. Walk a mile in my moccasins.